Máquina Extrusora De Película Soplada

CHYI YANG, the professional blown film extrusion machine manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience, we provide only the best machinery. We are able to produce extruder machines from 35 mm to 150 mm screw diameter, from 1 single layer film machines up to 7 layers film extruder machines, and also are able to produce a wide range of film from 50mm to 4200mm width.

The blown film extrusion are divided into PE film blowing machine, two color film blowing machine, PP film blowing machine, PVC shrinkable film blowing machine and LLDPE film blowing machine. Besides, it features simple, flexible and economic operation, high output and also saving energy. For more blown film extrusion, please feel free to contact us!

Extrusora de Película Soplada en PEAD
High Speed Twin Die Blown Film Machine
LDPE and LLDPE Blown Film Machine
Mini Type Blown Film Machine
Extrusora de Película de PP
PVC Shrinkable Film Making Machine
Extrusora de Super Alta Velocidad en PEAD/PELBD/PEBD
Super High Speed Two Stripe Color Blown Film Machine
Two Stripe Color Blown Film Machine