CHYI YANG ha vendido más de 500 juegos de máquinas de película soplada a América Latina

Chyi Yang showed one set “Two Stripes & Two dies Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine” in Colombiaplast 2016 exhibition. This machine is equipped with two dies & two extruders to produce two stripes T-shirt bags for market using. This series is very popular because of mainly for following reasons:

  1. Energy conservation and high capacity-

The two 45mm extruders provide two dies to have 2-line film rolls at one time. Forced feeding extruders offer you bigger capacity, the max. capacity is 140kgs/hr. for 550mm film width at 20micron film thickness. You can get max. 70kgs/hr. from each winder, and max. 140kgs/hr. from two winders. The screw material is bi-metal MAC-24 from Japan, the mixing design is excellent for different resin composition, carbonate additive & recycled material. The 45mm extruders are driven by two sets 20HP motors and equips famous international brand inverters, energy efficient motors, and electrical accessories to achieve energy conservation. Its total power consumption of whole machine is 190A.


  1. Precise technology-

The two stripes width can be adjustable by each extruder. Precise die design makes flow distributed evenly in every channel exit. Two strips of colors extrude from different die channels are vivid and clear. This is why we are able to sell machinery constantly to over 80 countries worldwide and have gained a stable footing in Latin-America.


  1. Multi-function and high price-performance ratio-

Purchasing extra 2-layer co-extrusion die can produce 2-layer film. Against the increasing of labor cost, this machine combines two sets machines to save labor cost & floor space to let you gain the biggest profits. We define this machine positioning and value are based on high capacity, product diversification, and market competitiveness.


Chyi Yang sells various machines to all over the world for more 55 years including Blown film machine, Multilayer Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine, Printing machine, Bag making machine, Recycling & Pelletizing machine etc. We have sold over 500 sets of machines to Latin-America area and win a good reputation from customers. Go straight to Chyi Yang for machinery value more than your expectations!



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