Do you know the invisible champion who can assist you enter into the cling film/wrapping film market with ease?

International Plastics News for Asia | Chi-Chuan Cheng

How do we make PE cling film that is non-toxic, breathable, and easy to tear and break? Ask Chyi Yang, the company that provides a complete plant solution that enables beginning manufacturers to enter the PE cling film/stretch film market with just one machine, allowing them to cope with the unpredictable market environment easily.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the requirement to maintain flexibility has become the "new normal" business model for the global manufacturing industry. The rapid transformation of the logistics and packaging industries, combined with economic trends, has led to an increase in demand for widely used food/industrial packaging films. The key to differentiation in this environment is how plastic film manufacturers leverage their existing production facilities to meet the complex market demands.


With a single machine, you can achieve flexible production advantages.

Chyi Yang's two-layer PE stretch film-making machine MDP-WPE series is capable of multi-processing food-grade PE household cling film/industrial stretch film. Its products are made of LDPE/LLDPE as the base material, and the PE food grade cling film is made by co-extrusion blown film making technology, adding adhesives, through extrusion, blowing, curing, and cooling by the "ring mold method", which has the advantages of being non-toxic, water barrier, oxygen barrier, odor barrier, oil pollution resistance, and good transparency. Besides, this series of equipment produces industrial stretch film with high toughness, ductility, high elasticity, puncture resistance, pressure resistance, dust resistance, water resistance, thin thickness, and so on. It can significantly reduce material, labor, time, and other costs while improving efficiency. It's widely used in the logistics packaging industry as industrial cling film, wrapping film, stretch film, pallet film, and so on, and it's well-liked by the market.

According to market observers, Chyi Yang's film blowing and rewinding machines produce durable PE cling film/stretch film, which has a market share of more than 80% in China. Many of the world's leading OEM manufacturers have specified Chyi Yang's equipment for their products, which are sold globally to Japan, China, Europe, and the United States. For decades, the international market has recognized the consistent quality of Chyi Yang products!


The angel is in the details of Chyi Yang's equipment

The essence and details of high-quality blown film equipment are not easy to see from the machine's appearance or the quotation list. Chyi Yang has not only a series of "standardized" specifications to meet customers' immediate purchase needs, but with nearly 60-year practical experience, its design team can customize the equipment to meet each customer's specific needs through customization techniques better than the industry standard. It can also provide advice on production formulations for the blown film process.


After 3 to 5 years of equipment operation, a manufacturer who regretted pursuing low prices blindly experienced a sharp drop in production and stability, as well as the dilemma that the equipment could not be maintained and had to be eliminated. After that, they only found Chyi Yang for consultants and solutions, and the manufacturer used Chyi Yang equipment that had been in continuous operation for more than 20 years. All long-term customers understand that the key to the Chyi Yang brand's longevity is consistent adherence to part quality and the ability to customize current designs. It's also because Chyi Yang is a trustworthy business partner who can help customers overcome market challenges at different times.

Chyi Yang has now established itself as Taiwan's leading expert in film blowing equipment, as well as a one-of-a-kind supplier of PE cling film manufacturing equipment capable of providing the most professional PE cling film/stretch film whole plant equipment solutions.


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