How can high quality be produced consistently out of complex formulations?

The key to differentiating your global manufacturing business
—— 3-Layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine by Chyi Yang

International Plastics News for Asia | Chi-Chuan Cheng

The blown film market is evolving in an increasingly fast pace to meet the highly diversified, large-volume and variable material requirements of industries and emerging applications. Bag manufacturers and packaging material producers must use blown film machines with hardness, corrosion resistance, and durability to achieve consistently high yields while maintaining quality. More important goal is meeting the demands in film processing with complex characteristics such as those for agricultural films, cover films, laminated films, grain and dry food packaging, medical packaging and other critical packaging.

Chyi Yang’s Co-extrusion technology for reliable, high-quality production

Single-layer structured films are not suitable for advanced packaging films. To produce multi-layer PE films (HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE) with multiple properties in one, co-extrusion technology must be used. Various additives can be used in the process depending on the specific application. For example, if the product is used outside, producers can add an anti-UV or weathering agent, impact modifier, and so on. They can also add color masterbatch to the process to create different color films for the inner and outer layers to improve market differentiation.

The Chyi Yang 3-Layer Co-Extrusion Blown Film Machine THDP series can produce base material layers and adhesive layers that are integrally formed and fused to the extruded film, preserving the high possibility of post-processing, simplifying the process, and lowering production costs. Customers, for example, can choose raw materials with suitable properties for combination in the 3-layer composite film process, and by giving the feed screw different raw material properties, produce the middle layer of stiffer film that does not require secondary coating, which can easily be used in the bag-making and sealing process.

Adapting to highly variable changes in characteristics is critical to success in the packaging market  

Due to the packaging market's diverse needs, there are many "secret special compounding materials”. Chyi Yang's THDP series equipment is capable of developing composite films with a wide range of characteristics, and its easy customization feature can effectively save product development time. Its 3-layer blown film technology can be used to make a protective film or protective outer film, with the inner layer containing an adhesive for object adhesion. The middle layer improves physical properties such as hardness, heat resistance, stretchability, stress retention, and so on. The surface properties of the outer layer include good heat sealability, oxidation resistance, surface tension, transparency or luster, and so on. Using varied inner and exterior material qualities, a smooth touch appearance with a sticky inner layer may be created.

Many special applications required by the market cannot be performed by single-layer equipment, such as applying adhesive to the screw of a single-layer machine so that the entire film produced has adhesion both inside and outside. Chyi Yang’s rich experience in development and innovation is the key to being able to meet the ever-increasing complexity of market demands.

The THDP series is outfitted with 3 independent gearboxes, 3 motors, and 3 servers, all integrated into a single independent control that, when combined with the various molds developed by its design team, can handle a wide range of special processing conditions. In one successful case of industrial protective film production, the finished product is both easy to unwind and stable when adhering to the product.

Chyi Yang also has a 5/7-layer co-extrusion blown film series for more complex processing or product needs, which can combine PA and EVOH layers with PE layers in a multi-layer structure with the addition of adhesives to produce a composite film with more material variation. It can be used in producing fresh food packaging film to keep the original color and shape of meat from the outside, making it look better and extending the freshness period of food. It can also be used to make microwaveable packaging materials that are strong, light-blocking, high-temperature resistant, and odor-locking, preventing water penetration while the food is cooking.

The ability to produce products with these excellent processing characteristics is yet another example of Chyi Yang’s excellent customization capabilities, and it is just the key to assisting customers in differentiating themselves in the global functional multi-layer blown film market.


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