[Case] CHYIYANG's excellent quality won the favor of listed companies in Vietnam to introduce whole plant equipment

A stock-listed company in Vietnam bought three Chiyang film blowing machines 20 years ago. Since then, the company's policy was to save operating costs, and it gradually turned to purchasing equipment with lower prices such as China. For export, but due to the different quality of the film produced by China's blown film equipment, in one order for export to Japan, all 20 containers were inspected and returned by the customer. The Japanese consultant inspected all kinds of film blowing machines in the whole plant, and checked the reports on production, quality, maintenance, etc., and asked to replace all the machines, and only keep the positive film blowing equipment.

The CEO visited CHYIYANG in person and said during the negotiation that the Japanese consultant he hired strongly suggested that he should buy the whole plant equipment from CHYIYANG, because the quality and output of its blown film equipment were continuous and stable in the factory for more than 20 years. The equipment has never reported abnormal conditions. Only such machines can maximize profits for the company. If the company's future product design is to move towards high quality, save operating costs, and enter the highly competitive export market, it must choose "CHYIYANG". Membrane equipment can achieve maximum output value and competitive advantage!

This customer purchased a total of 30 sets of fully automatic ultra-high-speed film blowing equipment from CHYIYANG within half a year. This ultra-high production efficiency film blowing machine has uniform product thickness and automatic mass production, which greatly saves labor costs and is currently stable. Production, the company continues to thrive and maintains a long-term friendly cooperative relationship with Yang.

The CEO appreciates CHYIYANG's continuous improvement and improvement over the years. The equipment has excellent performance and surpasses its peers. The machinery is no longer without temperature, but is closer to human nature, easy to operate and intelligent, and has won his trust and love.